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Dr. Petch Manopawitr

Current Positions: Lead consultant on Biodiversity-based Tourism Project, UNDP (2020-present); Marine Program Manager, WCS Thailand (2020-present); Technical Advisor on Wildlife Trade and Demand Reduction Campaign, ZSL Thailand (2020-present); Advisor on Marine Protected Areas, DMCR (2020-present); Project Manager on National Ecosystem Assessment (ONEP/CU/UNEP-WCMC), Co-founder and Director, ReReef, Environmental and Sustainability Enterprise (2017-present); Columnist and guest writer for, Thai Publica, Bangkok Tribune, National Geographic Thailand


Professional Affiliation: Committee, Sustainable Development Foundation (2020-present); General Secretary, Green World Foundation (2021-present); Committee, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (2021-present)

Professional Experience: Deputy, IUCN Southeast Asia Group (2014-2018); Conservation Programme Manager, WWF Thailand (2012-2014); Lead Researcher, University of Victoria’s Project IMPAACT (2010-2019); Coordinator for FAO’s Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem Project (2011-2012); Visiting Fellow, Cornell University (2008-09); Visiting Fellow, University of Hawaii (2009); Deputy Director, WCS – Thailand (2004-08); Training and Education Coordinator, WCS - Thailand (2001-04); Country Coordinator for Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) (2003-08); Conservation Committee and Vice-chairperson for Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (2002-08); Research Assistant and Graduate Student, James Cook University (1998-2001); Wildlife Research Coordinator & Information Officer, Seub Nakhasathien Foundation (1995-98); Freelance Environmental Writer, Translator and Photographer (1995-present)


Specialisation and Research Interest: Endangered species conservation, protected area management, resilience-based management, biodiversity monitoring, plastic waste management, conservation training, conservation communication, site-based conservation strategy development, species action plan development, climate change studies in relation to biodiversity conservation, environmental protection and sustainability.